Muhammad Ali Shorts SWATCH – Black 11 x 13 Frame


Muhammad Ali Boxing Shorts Swatch

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Framed and mounted display including a 7 x 5 photograph montage of Muhammad Ali with a Swatch of material taken from a signed pair of white replica Everlast boxing trunks that have been signed and  handled by the ‘Three Time Heavyweight Champion of The World’ and the ‘Greatest Boxer of All Time.’ The Swatch itself  is a small piece of the actual autographed trunks. We have included a few statistics about his career, and we believe this makes for a very cool display, and a great bit of memorabilia to collect.

Muhammad Ali transcended the sport of boxing, and became a cultural icon, and will remain one of the most charismatic fighters in history. Whilst £50 for this frame is the most expensive piece in our SWATCH range, the additional cost represents premium pricing of autographed Ali memorabilia we have to purchase to produce our products.

We have created this line as an affordable gift idea, to suit every budget. Produced in-house by Autograph Art.

We aim to ship within 3 working days, but ask that you allow 7 days to receive your order.

Please Note: The material in the swatch you order may be different from the one in the picture, as it will depend where on the autographed shirt/shorts/garment the piece is cut from. The Swatch may include part of a badge, a stripe, or logo and include different colours and/or text.


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Weight .1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 45 × 4 cm
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Black Frame, White Frame